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Some surf shots from Southern France..

Sorry, for the "far away" shots only.. It was impossible to get a good shot closer by..... And don't tell me the stand up paddler is gay, because he was ripping harder than most guys on a surf board out here...




Inspiration | Jack Belli | Photographer

I really dig his work. More of it on The Oh Sea blog

Oh and, Jack shoots some bitchin' videos too...

Troy Elmore from Jack Belli on Vimeo.



Random Iphone shot from my last USA trip..


Scotty Stopnik | June 2010

Scotty Stopnik made it on the cover of the December issue of Bigtwin. I did an article on his Panhead and threw in this pic where he surfs his Triumph... Why don't they use pics like this......??? You tell me.


California trip - update # 1

Not many of you know, but I flew out to California last Wednesday for another photo trip... This is what I saw when waking up in Huntington Beach last Thursday morning.. Thanks for letting me borrow you place Scotty!! Much appreciated!

My view while having a nice 'n healthy 7-11 breakfast.....

A quick meeting with the Cycle Zombies while they surfed Southside Huntington Beach.. More of these guys later.

Then it was time to meet up with Barry LaCour at Top Shelf Customs, also in Huntington Beach. I've been wanting to shoot one of his bikes for a long time, but it just never happened until last Thursday.

After having lunch with Brandon from Brawny Built I met up with the ATR crew & Michael Schmidt, to raise some hell in the neigbourhood.. Most people weren't too happy with three Harleys hauling ass up and down the street...

Then on Friday I drove up to Monterey, for the Porsche Rennspeed Reunion IV, but before going to the track I made a quick stop in Salinas, to check out Cole's BMW project.

Then later in the afternoon I made it all the way to San Francisco, to get some neat shots of the Golden gate bridge.

It's Saturday already, and the Rennsport Reunion is in full swing. If you like Porsches, it doesn't get any better than this, that's for sure.

Having Lunch with Sal Mendez and DKP's Ben Salazar..

Last shot for now cause we're off for a well deserved dinner...


Sunset Beach - Huntington Beach

A couple scans I made a while ago but never uploaded..


Inspiration | Dave Collyer | Surf photography

I found out about this guy's beautiful work through the Cycle Zombies blog. One of the photographers who came along on the trip with Scotty Stopnik to the Mentawai Islands a little while ago... Check out Dave's epic portfolio at DaveCollyer.com


Getting sideways with the Cycle Zombies | Huntington Beach, CA.

Yesterday was a rad day.


A few more shots from Chris & Scotty | Cycle Zombies | H.B.C.A

An article I did on these guys can currently be seen in the Belgian FREEZE Sk8 | Surf | Snow magazine...


Scotty Stopnik | Daddy-O

This guy became a proud dad last week. Congrats!!


Nazare | Leiria | Portugal

We went to Nazare today. I don't know much about surfing but I heard that, in the winter time, this is one of THE big wave spots in Portugal. Not knowing if November is supposed to be winter out here (24 degrees celcius ain't bad) we went to the little fishing town anyways, to see if there was any good surfing going on...I'm definitely going back in a few days when there's some bad weather coming up..!!