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Road trippin'

I took a ton of Iphone photos during our 2 month trip through France.. Here's one of those shots I kinda dig...


High life

A random shot taken while I was on my way to the motocross track a few months ago... Canon 5D MkII with 300mm f2.8 prime lens... These guys were quite far away, but I have to say this shot's pretty impressive when seen in full szie and in hi-res....


19 days | 19 pictures

We spent our summer holidays in France last July. Here's a few shots. Some taken with my SLR, some with my I-phone.

Beautiful scenery while driving from the southwest to the southeast part of France..

On a beach near Mimizan..

Endless cool stuff at swapmeets along the Cote 'd Azur... I could've post another 20 pics with neat bits easily.

Hi Marco!!

Who wouldn't want a Riva...?


I wish my home country wouldn't tear down so many abandoned buildings...

West coast sunsets.. Good times.

Woods in Les Landes... Remember that smell....... So good.

Killer Aston spotted in Saint Tropez...

And last but not least, my beautiful girlfriend...



Going to the markets in southern France with my chick is so good.. The food is simply amazing. I think I've never ate so many olives in a week as I did the last... Here's just a random snapper from one of the fresh fruit sellers...


My girl | Endless days at the beach | Sun queen


France | Holidays

We just returned from a 9 day holiday in the South of France.. Good food, beautiful sunny weather, visiting friends, going to the beach, checking out some swapmeets, the good life.. Some more pics soon.


IPhone shots from a couple days ago...


Peniche cliffs | Portugal

Shot with my tiny old 7.1 megapixel Canon Ixus..


Macs Monsters | Oaktown | '06


Weird beard...

A few more shots from France... We regularly visit Saint Tropez and this last time we met Marco Rivolta and his girlfriend Sonia, the owners of the Battaglia Fashion store in the center of town. We had a great time with them, drinking wine in front of the store, and eating tapas at the cantina. Marco also owns a couple very nice bikes, built by AQG Motociclette from Italy... A Buell powered hardtail streetracer, another hardtail, powered by a 93 inch S&S Shovel motor, and a Panhead powered softail to take the lady for a spin.. Check out marco at www.lespetroleurs.blogspot.com or at www.battagliafashion.blogspot.com

More pics later...



Back from France...

More pics online soon..


So when's the next trip..?


Livin' the dream again for a week...

After a 10 1/2 hour flight I arrived at LAX yesteday afternoon.. First thing on the list was to roll down that terrrible 405 freeway to the VANS Shoe Company in Cypress, to meet up with our friend Michael de Wit. He gave me the grand tour and yes, I was very impressed. More pics of that next week, when I get back home.. Right now we're getting ready to go to Riverside County, to shoot some of the AMA motocross riders who are training for this year's outdoor season... I was sitting next to Suzuki rider Clement Desalle on the plane yesterday. Good times talking to that guy. His first time to California. He was looking forward to his stay, and of course the Glen Helen GP...


Figuring out how I'm gonna get all my gear to Los Angeles...

Looks like I'm gonna pack most of it in the good ol' Peli case and just check it in with my other luggage.. I'm tired of carrying a huge, ultra heay backpack, which hardly fits in the overhead locker, onto the plane...