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Estevan Oriol | Mr. Cartoon | S.A. Studios | Skidrow Motors | Los Angeles

Here's a few more shots from my afternoon I spent with Estevan Oriol and Mr. Cartoon... It's been quite a while but it's never too late to post some cool shots right..? Big shout out to the Crazy Fast Cracker for the hook up!! Happy new year!


Tom Foster | Beatniks Car Club | '52 Chevy Styleline | Los Angeles, CA.


Kustom Khmer - Sophorn Sin

Sophorn and I met for the first time over 10 years ago at the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speedweek in '02, while he was working on the crew for the Jack Costella streamliner. I remember helping them out together with my buddy Robin, changing an engine of the racecar in the back of a Wendover hotel parkinglot... After that I saw Sophorn several times at El Mirage and Paso Robles, but somehow we lost touch and e-mailed maybe 3 times in several years. A couple weeks ago he heard I was coming over to L.A. and he shot me an e-mail in which he asked to shoot his bike for DicE Magazine.. I haven't done anything for DicE in years and was stoked to shoot for them again. So coming soon, my old Cambodian friend Sophorn in the coolest chopper mag around. Keep you eyes out... Sophorn is also a great artist and he told me he might be doing the cover of that issue also.


Bottrop Kustom Show | Germany | June 2012

Good times as always.. Flake Kings & S-F-H living on fast food...

Lovely Panhead built by S-F-H...

Fids made it all the way from England... It's been over 10 years that I had seen this guy, and he's still going strong on the BMX. Nothing changed.... One of the funniest riders I ever met. Google S&M bikes and Fids, and you know it.......


First blog post of 2012...

It's about time... I've been busy with a whole bunch of other stuff, but here we go again. My girl is, as most of you know, big on cooking, doing pastries, and baking bread. She likes to take photos also, and a year or so ago I gave her my old trusty 20D and a macro lens to work with. She's getting pretty loose on it, and a little while ago she took these shots when she was producing some delicious fresh pasta... Looks good huh..? More of here work here..

This last photo was taken in Reims, France, during a very relaxing champagne tasting weekend last autumn... As a matter of fact, this is one of Moet & Chandon's famous vinyards...


Max Schaaf & the blue Knuckle..

Needs no introduction. Pic taken in downtown Oakland, during a 1,5 hour photo session where we had nothing but pouring rain... February 2011.


12 gauge


Chicago Will

What a solid dude. We had a real good time shooting his bike yesterday.


California trip - update # 1

Not many of you know, but I flew out to California last Wednesday for another photo trip... This is what I saw when waking up in Huntington Beach last Thursday morning.. Thanks for letting me borrow you place Scotty!! Much appreciated!

My view while having a nice 'n healthy 7-11 breakfast.....

A quick meeting with the Cycle Zombies while they surfed Southside Huntington Beach.. More of these guys later.

Then it was time to meet up with Barry LaCour at Top Shelf Customs, also in Huntington Beach. I've been wanting to shoot one of his bikes for a long time, but it just never happened until last Thursday.

After having lunch with Brandon from Brawny Built I met up with the ATR crew & Michael Schmidt, to raise some hell in the neigbourhood.. Most people weren't too happy with three Harleys hauling ass up and down the street...

Then on Friday I drove up to Monterey, for the Porsche Rennspeed Reunion IV, but before going to the track I made a quick stop in Salinas, to check out Cole's BMW project.

Then later in the afternoon I made it all the way to San Francisco, to get some neat shots of the Golden gate bridge.

It's Saturday already, and the Rennsport Reunion is in full swing. If you like Porsches, it doesn't get any better than this, that's for sure.

Having Lunch with Sal Mendez and DKP's Ben Salazar..

Last shot for now cause we're off for a well deserved dinner...


Chop Cult | 21 Questions interview

A couple weeks ago, Chop Cult's Harold McGruther was over here. We did a couple photoshoots and when we had some spare time left, he did their infamous "21 Questions" interview with me.. Read it here on Chop Cult.


-More film...

Chris Stopnik | Cycle Zombies | Huntington Beach California


Paul de Jong | Keeping Dutch BMX alive




From the archives: Jason Jessee | Watsonville CA.


Nico Vink | Road trippin' | 2010

This is a portrait shot of Nico Vink which I took with my Canon AT1 back in June of last year. Nico was suffering from a wicked crash he'd had during the World Cup in Austria. He'd been dizzy and had this terrible headache all the way back from Austria to The Netherlands.. One of the raddest downhill riders you'll have ever seen. No kidding, ask any World Cup rider, they'll mention this kid's name and tell they want to ride like him. One helluva ripper dude.


19 days | 19 pictures

We spent our summer holidays in France last July. Here's a few shots. Some taken with my SLR, some with my I-phone.

Beautiful scenery while driving from the southwest to the southeast part of France..

On a beach near Mimizan..

Endless cool stuff at swapmeets along the Cote 'd Azur... I could've post another 20 pics with neat bits easily.

Hi Marco!!

Who wouldn't want a Riva...?


I wish my home country wouldn't tear down so many abandoned buildings...

West coast sunsets.. Good times.

Woods in Les Landes... Remember that smell....... So good.

Killer Aston spotted in Saint Tropez...

And last but not least, my beautiful girlfriend...


-My buddy Michael

Mechanical wizard | 4 banger | ugly shirts | BMX bandit | allround super cool dude


Death Squad | Oceanside, CA.



Nick Kouwenberg is a Dutch motocross rider who does his own little thing in the Dutch MX scene.. He asked me if I had any shots of him from the last Dutch grand prix, and I couldn't come up with any more than the portret and the "dead sailor" below, so I threw some Photoshop around it to make it a bit nicer for him... Anyways, he's a styler and I promise that I'll have some better shots of him next time. The plan is to do some shooting and filming at a close by backyard track in a week or 2.... Let's hope the sun's out..


IPhone shots from a couple days ago...