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Duane Peters | U.S. Bombs | Germany | June 2011

Duane Peters gave away a killer performance with his band the U.S. Bombs at the Bottrop Kustom Kulture event in Germany last weekend.. He got 50 years old last weekend and is still going strong, on stage and on his sk8board!


Rise above | God damn do I suck...

Seeing rad shit like this makes me wanna quit photography so bad sometimes.. On the other hand it's extremely inspirational, so no, maybe let's not do that just jet... Someone told me to "keep on keepin' on" a while ago, and you'll eventually get there... It'd be good if there'd be some more good stuff to shoot in this boring country of ours though, besdies motocross and some cars..................



Cool assignement last night..

Good old rock 'n roll, good food, and good, free beers!!First time I took photos of a band, performing live... These came out pretty nice.