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Nick Kouwenberg | DG Compound | Netherlands | Part 1

It's been a long time since I did a proper MX shoot... The other day I met up with local boy Nick Kouwenberg #824 and filmer Daan Gerritsen to shoot some photos and video at the infamous DG Compound here in the good old Dutch countryside......


Nick Kouwenberg | DG Compound | Netherlands | Part 2


Nick Kouwenberg | DG Compound | Netherlands | Part 3

It's been a while since I've been using my flashes....


Steigeren en plat legguh..!!

Today was a good day... Nick Kouwenberg at the DG Compound.


Jeffrey Herlings | DG Compound

We did a photo- & filmshoot with MX2 world champ Jeffrey Herlings today at the top secret DG Compound here in Holland. Track owner Daan Gerritsen of DG Productions was filming for Vurb Moto, whilst Nick Janssen was doing his thing for the movie Living for the Weekend...


Wil Hahn | Honda testing grounds | Corona, CA.


Portfolio update

It was about time, so I've been updating my portfolio a little bit over the last days... There are so many photos on my harddrive, and I couldn't even decide on which ones are good enough, and which ones aren't.. I pretty much took some random, newer and older pics out of my collection and added those. Then I threw out some others, and left some of the ones I liked, but without the shitty logo across the photo. Take a look here if you like.. Best wishes for 2013!! Hope to see you again in the new year..!


2012 MX2 world champion | Jeffrey Herlings

No explanation needed...........


Lock up your daughters - Jeffrey Herlings is coming to town..!!

We're on some level 4 type shit here bro!!


Random MX shots, taken the other day...

Eric Leijtens looking full factory on his mean green MX1 machine...

Jake Nicholls putting in his training rounds on the JM KTM...


It's been about a year....

since I shot motocross.... Last weekend I was asked to help my buddy Bavo out at the Belgian Motocross Grand Prix in Bastogne, the Belgian Ardennes. As many of you know, you can get some of the most unpredictable weather in the world out there, and that's exactly what we had last weekend. After a quick visit to the Francorchamps rcetrack, I arrived in Bastogne on Friday afternoon, when the track was still dry, but skies were looking dark. Very dark. It started to rain later that evening, and saturday turned out in an insane mudfest. It literally rained all day long, but luckily, it became dry again around 7 at night... The next day I woke up at 6 in the morning, and all I saw was sunshine and clear blue skies.... I expected the track to dry up quickly, and that's exactly what happened. The Belgian clay ground acted like a sponge, and shortly after noon, the MX1 and MX2 riders were kicking up dust clouds! Sunday was a great day, with great racing. A short impression below...


Random motocross shot...

Ken Roczen at the Lommel GP, Belgium, 2011... The supercross season just started and Roczen broke his wrist right before Anaheim 1, what a bummer.. I would've loved to see him compete against the Americans again. Guess we have to wait for a bit.........


Moto 3 | The Movie | Inspiration

Watching this makes me wanna shoot some motocross!!! I haven't been shooting MX in a couple months..... Damn this vid's even has our homeboy JH#84 in it..... Go see it.. Get inspired...


Today's assignement.......

Just a quick blog post after a 16 hour workday.... I did a photoshoot for the KNMV (Koninklijke Nederlandse Motorrijders Vereniging) today.. The Dutch version of the AMA (American Motorcycle Organisation for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about)... Anyways, crazy long but fun day. I'm gonna get some rest now.............


-Another podium

Jeffrey Herlings #84 got another podium spot at the last MXGP in Sweden...

Second place for the fast Dutchman from our hometown!!


Riding with Nick & Norman video

The other week you might have seen the pics I took of MX riders Nick Kouwenberg and Norman Veerbeek.. Well we also shot some video, in the backyard of young kid Daan Gerritsen.. He rides motocross himself too, but he's getting more and more into editing video also.. So after we were done filming and shooting photos, I gave him all the footage I got of that afternoon... He started work in Final Cut Pro the day after and below you see the result.. Nice work Daan!!

Mx banen Europa: Nick kouwenberg and Norman Veerbeek riding session from D.G. on Vimeo.


--Shooting with Nick & Norman 

Super cool kid Daan @ MX Tracks Europe asked me a while ago to come visit his backyard motocross track some day. Well today was that day and when I showed up I was blown away by the great atmosphere this beautiful spot had... I had flashbacks to the days of us riding BMX trails in the fields, in the southern parts of England. In the huge backyard behind his parents' old country house, we shot photos with the extremely skilled freestyle rider Norman Veerbeek and with our friend, GP rider Nick Kouwenberg. What an amazing piece of property these kids have there... Good times, again.



Nick Kouwenberg is a Dutch motocross rider who does his own little thing in the Dutch MX scene.. He asked me if I had any shots of him from the last Dutch grand prix, and I couldn't come up with any more than the portret and the "dead sailor" below, so I threw some Photoshop around it to make it a bit nicer for him... Anyways, he's a styler and I promise that I'll have some better shots of him next time. The plan is to do some shooting and filming at a close by backyard track in a week or 2.... Let's hope the sun's out..


Some shots from the Valkenswaard GP | Netherlands | April 2011

These were used for MXlife Magazine a little while ago..


JH#84 does it again | The Valkenswaard MXGP of 2011

Our hometown boy Jeffrey Herlings had a butt patch stitched to his motocross pants which read "Like 2010".. Well that's exactly what happened last weekend. After being injured for a couple months JH started training again at the end of 2010. Two weeks ago was the first GP of 2011, in Bulgaria, where he finished 3rd.. This last weekend, he pretty much destroyed everyone in the MX2 class. Ken Roczen was the only rider who came close in the first heat, but due to a small crash he ended up in second place. In the second heat, the H-Bomb was so fast that even Roczen couldn't keep up with the pace. Let's hope Jeffrey can keep goin' on like this.. It's gonna be a tough season, but once again he showed that he's a serious contender for this year's world title. The win at the Valkenswaard GP of 2011 was his 3rd GP win in his career so far... All the Dutch fans got what they came for. What a weekend!!

This pic was taken approximately 5 minutes after these two guys finished.. JH on the left having a well deserved drink. Team mate and second place finisher Ken Roczen #94 on the right...

A couple more of my shots here and here..