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Jeffrey Herlings | DG Compound

We did a photo- & filmshoot with MX2 world champ Jeffrey Herlings today at the top secret DG Compound here in Holland. Track owner Daan Gerritsen of DG Productions was filming for Vurb Moto, whilst Nick Janssen was doing his thing for the movie Living for the Weekend...


2012 MX2 world champion | Jeffrey Herlings

No explanation needed...........


Lock up your daughters - Jeffrey Herlings is coming to town..!!

We're on some level 4 type shit here bro!!


It's been about a year....

since I shot motocross.... Last weekend I was asked to help my buddy Bavo out at the Belgian Motocross Grand Prix in Bastogne, the Belgian Ardennes. As many of you know, you can get some of the most unpredictable weather in the world out there, and that's exactly what we had last weekend. After a quick visit to the Francorchamps rcetrack, I arrived in Bastogne on Friday afternoon, when the track was still dry, but skies were looking dark. Very dark. It started to rain later that evening, and saturday turned out in an insane mudfest. It literally rained all day long, but luckily, it became dry again around 7 at night... The next day I woke up at 6 in the morning, and all I saw was sunshine and clear blue skies.... I expected the track to dry up quickly, and that's exactly what happened. The Belgian clay ground acted like a sponge, and shortly after noon, the MX1 and MX2 riders were kicking up dust clouds! Sunday was a great day, with great racing. A short impression below...


-Another podium

Jeffrey Herlings #84 got another podium spot at the last MXGP in Sweden...

Second place for the fast Dutchman from our hometown!!


Some shots from the Valkenswaard GP | Netherlands | April 2011

These were used for MXlife Magazine a little while ago..


JH#84 does it again | The Valkenswaard MXGP of 2011

Our hometown boy Jeffrey Herlings had a butt patch stitched to his motocross pants which read "Like 2010".. Well that's exactly what happened last weekend. After being injured for a couple months JH started training again at the end of 2010. Two weeks ago was the first GP of 2011, in Bulgaria, where he finished 3rd.. This last weekend, he pretty much destroyed everyone in the MX2 class. Ken Roczen was the only rider who came close in the first heat, but due to a small crash he ended up in second place. In the second heat, the H-Bomb was so fast that even Roczen couldn't keep up with the pace. Let's hope Jeffrey can keep goin' on like this.. It's gonna be a tough season, but once again he showed that he's a serious contender for this year's world title. The win at the Valkenswaard GP of 2011 was his 3rd GP win in his career so far... All the Dutch fans got what they came for. What a weekend!!

This pic was taken approximately 5 minutes after these two guys finished.. JH on the left having a well deserved drink. Team mate and second place finisher Ken Roczen #94 on the right...

A couple more of my shots here and here..



Another shot of Jeffrey Herlings... He won both races during last weekend's Dutch Open and lapped EVERY rider in the first race..!! In the second race he lapped every rider except for the one in second position... Talk about some crazy talent.


3rd round of the Dutch Open MX Championship...

A beautiful day today with hardly any wind, sunny weather, blue skies, and a double win for Herlings in the MX2 class!! We've seen some insane riding. A rad day for sure. Here's a small impression, 14 pics from the trainings, races, and the pits.. I'll post a few more later this week.. Thanks for looking!


Compared to last week...

We had this beautiful golden sunlight today!! Jeffrey Herlings sent me a message this morning that he would be riding at Den Dungen again today, so I jumped at the opportunity right away.. Good times at the hard packed, dusty track.....


Did some shooting with Herlings today...

A typical Dutch, dark, afternoon... The sun was out all morning, but as usual, when I go out to shoot motocross, it gets cloudy.. Mucho fun nonetheless though, shooting photos with this guy. Fast with a capital F.