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Drews prints


Road trippin'

I took a ton of Iphone photos during our 2 month trip through France.. Here's one of those shots I kinda dig...


Busy days - Random I-phone shots from this last week

Life's been quite busy lately, writing a lot of articles and editing tons of photos. On my last trip to the USA I've been shooting a lot of automotive stuff, since most of the motorcycle mags I usually work for had too many articles in stock... That's why you've seen a lot of the 911 stuff. I hope to be doing some motocross shoots soon, and there's also a few GP's coming up for me this summer which I have to cover. More auto stuff too, I'm pretty sure about that. Shooting cars is fun. With a little luck I'll be covering some choppers in France this spring & summer also. So, keep checking back. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but every now and then I'll try to post up some neat pics. Thanks for looking! -M.


Nuthin' better than a Sunday ride on Saturday

Actually this was taken this morning on a Monday......


Headbang every day | Happy new year

Last blog post for 2011... Random Iphone shot - HEADBANG EVERY DAY.. Maybe that's a good determination for 2012.....

I'm wishing you all the best for the new year. Have a ball tomorrow night!


Random Iphone shot from my last USA trip..


Les Amis du Circuit de Geuex

Last weekend we drove by the old Reims track pit building. I took a bunch of pics but haven't really gotten to work on those, so you'll have to enjoy these I-phone shots for now.

Reims-Gueux was a triangular motor racing road course near Reims, France, which hosted 14 French Grand Prix.

It was first established in 1926 on the public roads between the small French villages of Thillois and Gueux. The circuit had two very long straights between the towns, and teams strove to maximize straight-line speed of their cars; many slipstream battles ensued. Race organizers actually felled trees and demolished old houses in order to make the circuit even quicker. In 1952, the circuit was significantly altered to bypass the village of Gueux, and many people now refer to the course as simply Reims.

Its first event was the Grand Prix de La Marne, staged by the Automobile Club of Champagne. International racing came soon thereafter, with the first official Formula 1 event occurring in 1950, the inaugural year of the Formula One world championship. The circuit was last used by Formula One in 1966, and it closed permanently in 1972 due to financial difficulties.

In 1997, there was to be a historic race held there, but for technical reasons, it was cancelled several months before it was due to take place and in 2002, the bulldozers arrived to demolish some portions of the track. Sections of the track around the pit lanes are still visible today.

Les Amis de Circuit de Geuex is a non-profit organisation working to preserve traces of the circuit.


19 days | 19 pictures

We spent our summer holidays in France last July. Here's a few shots. Some taken with my SLR, some with my I-phone.

Beautiful scenery while driving from the southwest to the southeast part of France..

On a beach near Mimizan..

Endless cool stuff at swapmeets along the Cote 'd Azur... I could've post another 20 pics with neat bits easily.

Hi Marco!!

Who wouldn't want a Riva...?


I wish my home country wouldn't tear down so many abandoned buildings...

West coast sunsets.. Good times.

Woods in Les Landes... Remember that smell....... So good.

Killer Aston spotted in Saint Tropez...

And last but not least, my beautiful girlfriend...


Two more shots from France



Going to the markets in southern France with my chick is so good.. The food is simply amazing. I think I've never ate so many olives in a week as I did the last... Here's just a random snapper from one of the fresh fruit sellers...


My girl | Endless days at the beach | Sun queen


France | Holidays

We just returned from a 9 day holiday in the South of France.. Good food, beautiful sunny weather, visiting friends, going to the beach, checking out some swapmeets, the good life.. Some more pics soon.


Summer is around the corner...

There's this field where I drive/ride by on my daily route to work.. Every year during the spring time, this field is fully covered with dandelions for about a week or two... I thought of taking a picture 3 years in a row now, because I really dig the view, but it never happened so far.. Well the other day when I drove home..................................................


IPhone shots from a couple days ago...