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Estevan Oriol | 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline 

Estevan Oriol shooting his low mile, all original survivor car. Downtown Los Angeles.


Urban Outlaw | Magnus Walker

The trailer of the Magnus Walker documentary is finally available.. Last October and March I spent several days with this guy racing around LA and it's surrounding mountains, doing photoshoots.... Imagine how much fun that was.... Maybe this will give you an idea..


Ken Nagahara photo exhibition | Eindhoven | Netherlands

As most of you know, photographer Ken Nagahara went on a coast to coast motorcycle ride last year, from Oakland to Brooklyn and back, together with his buddies Max Schaaf and Chris Lindig.. He brought his camera along all the way and shot an impressive collection of photos, on film.... He's currently having a few exhibitons across Europe and I went to visit my buddies, the Flake Kings, who had Ken's work on display for the last time this weekend at their shop in Eindhoven Rock City. Guz, Jochem, Gijs and Sander did a great job I have to say!!

Some of Sander's artwork on display also..

Guz's Triumph in progress...

Our friend Paul de Jong walked in also and started to check out Jochem's headlight / foglight collection.. Guess what he discovered.... An S&M headlight... Chris Moeller, if you see this... You need one of these lights for your Shovelhead..!


Inspiration | Jack Belli | Photographer

I really dig his work. More of it on The Oh Sea blog

Oh and, Jack shoots some bitchin' videos too...

Troy Elmore from Jack Belli on Vimeo.



First blog post of 2012...

It's about time... I've been busy with a whole bunch of other stuff, but here we go again. My girl is, as most of you know, big on cooking, doing pastries, and baking bread. She likes to take photos also, and a year or so ago I gave her my old trusty 20D and a macro lens to work with. She's getting pretty loose on it, and a little while ago she took these shots when she was producing some delicious fresh pasta... Looks good huh..? More of here work here..

This last photo was taken in Reims, France, during a very relaxing champagne tasting weekend last autumn... As a matter of fact, this is one of Moet & Chandon's famous vinyards...


Moto 3 | The Movie | Inspiration

Watching this makes me wanna shoot some motocross!!! I haven't been shooting MX in a couple months..... Damn this vid's even has our homeboy JH#84 in it..... Go see it.. Get inspired...


Greg Bojorquez | Photographer

A couple years ago my buddy Scott and I ran into Gregory Bojorquez, at a BBQ at my friend Rene Astengo's house. It was funny, I was shooting Rene's Ironhead chopper he had just finished, and all of a sudden, Greg was standing next to me, shooting with some funky Polaroid camera.. When we got back home that night and looked at the photos on his website, I was pretty much blown away, and very impressed by his work.

The plan was to meet up during my last trip to LA, but due to some circumstances, it didn't work out... Greg had a gallery in Berlin a while ago, and it was good to hear that he had another one in Cologne, Germany, a couple weeks ago, which is only little over an hour away from me. Curator Bene Taschen set up the location and gallery for Greg and he did a great job at it. More on that here.

Here's a little info on Greg Bojorquez:

Gregory Bojorquez, born in 1972, grew up in the infamous streets of East Los Angeles. He photographed his surroundings, his neighbors and his friends, succeeding early on in documenting their private lives. After he caught the attention of LA Weekly, he began to photograph Hollywood celebrities, stars ranging from the likes of Snoop Dogg to Mike Tyson. His photos were published in numerous magazines including Rolling Stone Magazine and FHM.

However he continues to go back to his roots by maintaining his interest in people from his surroundings. He knows the dark side of Los Angeles and conveys original images of a hidden world, far removed from the Hollywood Hills. His photos have a remarkable documentary quality, for example “The Eastsiders” (1997-2001), a fascinating work of romance, gangs and death. “Friday Night Party” shows 19 year old ‘Wicked’ with his friends just minutes before his murder by a member of a rival gang.

Greg paints a picture of Los Angeles as we have never seen it before – naked and uncensored.


A small selection of Greg's work....


New old toys | Yashica T4

Scored an almost brand new Yashica T4 in its orginal box, including the manual and everything... Not bad for 60 bucks! Maybe I'll use this film camera a bit more than my Mamiya or old worn out Canon........


Bob Tilton | Werk Crew | Pleasant Hill, CA | February 2011

More of him here..


Inspiration | Asphalt Heritage

While making my daily Motoring Con Brio visit I came accross the Asphalt Heritage website.. These guys are based in Paris and do a great photography job. If you really want to get a good taste and feel of the events they visit through their photos, you definitely have to go check 'em out.


Inspiration | Dans Macabre

A while ago I came accross the now disappeared, but amazing Bleu Jean Blues blog. It happened to be Tim O’Keefe’s work. He’s now working under his own name at www.timothywokeefe.com
I once met Tim back in 2006, at the Paso Robles car show, where he never told me that he had been shooting since ’94 already! He’s always had some killer bikes and recently built the Knucklehead you see below, in collaboration with Bill Mize, Tom Fugle, Brian (Bass I suppose), Steve Uhl, and others... Keep up the great work Tim!

Shot on expired Fuji FP-100C with the 4x5 by the man himself...


Rise above | God damn do I suck...

Seeing rad shit like this makes me wanna quit photography so bad sometimes.. On the other hand it's extremely inspirational, so no, maybe let's not do that just jet... Someone told me to "keep on keepin' on" a while ago, and you'll eventually get there... It'd be good if there'd be some more good stuff to shoot in this boring country of ours though, besdies motocross and some cars..................



Cycle Zombies | by Mark Choiniere

During my last couple trips to California, I've been hooking up with the Cycle Zombies a couple times.. Scotty, Chris, Big Scott, George, Chase, etc... Always a good time, and they introduced me to quite a lot of people, including their friend, and photographer, Mark Choiniere.. I love his work and recently he produced this short video for the upcoming Born Free show. Check it out... I'm proud to call these kids friends. The best Born Free vid I've seen so far...


CYCLE ZOMBIES X BORN FREE from Mark Choiniere on Vimeo.



Inspiration | Dave Collyer | Surf photography

I found out about this guy's beautiful work through the Cycle Zombies blog. One of the photographers who came along on the trip with Scotty Stopnik to the Mentawai Islands a little while ago... Check out Dave's epic portfolio at DaveCollyer.com


Inspiration | Chris Senn ollie in S.F. shot by Bryce Kanights | 1994

While surfing the web I came accross the website of Bryce Kanights the other day. Bryce has been producing awesome photos since a long time. I saw this killer black & white shot of John Cardiel, but somehow I can't find it anymore. So, another one I really, really dig is this photo of Chris Senn, taken in the streets of San Francisco in '94. Check Bryce's website for more great photography by clicking right here.


Inspiration | Steven Frossard shot by Simon Cudby | Glen Helen MXGP 2010

More of Simon's work on Cudby Photo


Inspiration | Laurent Nivalle Photography

Beautiful work: Check out more of his work at Laurent Nivalle Photography


Floorabella | fresh bread, cakes, food photography and lots more...

Floortje is on a roll - Check out her newly created blogs at Floorabella.com