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Getting tired of digital.....?

Not really but I've been experimenting and testing a lot with shooting analog lately.. There's a lot more to it and when you take a photo on 6x6 120 format you'll think twice before activating the shutter button because there's only 12 shots on one roll of film. This shot was taken on Ilford XP2 400... When looking in the massive dev chart, nothing came up to develop this film with Kodak Tmax developer. That's what happens when you don't know what your doing. Big time fun part of shooting analog. Later on I found out I would actually need to work with a C41 color process.... Anyways, after some Google action a found out a little bit of what to do with my Tmax developer, but the online photo nerds said they weren't too happy with their results. I think mine didn't come out too bad though....