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McLaren at The Ring...

One of my favorite shots from last weekend... Oldtimer Grand Prix, Nurburgring.


Bottrop Kustom Show | Germany | June 2012

Good times as always.. Flake Kings & S-F-H living on fast food...

Lovely Panhead built by S-F-H...

Fids made it all the way from England... It's been over 10 years that I had seen this guy, and he's still going strong on the BMX. Nothing changed.... One of the funniest riders I ever met. Google S&M bikes and Fids, and you know it.......


Greg Bojorquez | Photographer

A couple years ago my buddy Scott and I ran into Gregory Bojorquez, at a BBQ at my friend Rene Astengo's house. It was funny, I was shooting Rene's Ironhead chopper he had just finished, and all of a sudden, Greg was standing next to me, shooting with some funky Polaroid camera.. When we got back home that night and looked at the photos on his website, I was pretty much blown away, and very impressed by his work.

The plan was to meet up during my last trip to LA, but due to some circumstances, it didn't work out... Greg had a gallery in Berlin a while ago, and it was good to hear that he had another one in Cologne, Germany, a couple weeks ago, which is only little over an hour away from me. Curator Bene Taschen set up the location and gallery for Greg and he did a great job at it. More on that here.

Here's a little info on Greg Bojorquez:

Gregory Bojorquez, born in 1972, grew up in the infamous streets of East Los Angeles. He photographed his surroundings, his neighbors and his friends, succeeding early on in documenting their private lives. After he caught the attention of LA Weekly, he began to photograph Hollywood celebrities, stars ranging from the likes of Snoop Dogg to Mike Tyson. His photos were published in numerous magazines including Rolling Stone Magazine and FHM.

However he continues to go back to his roots by maintaining his interest in people from his surroundings. He knows the dark side of Los Angeles and conveys original images of a hidden world, far removed from the Hollywood Hills. His photos have a remarkable documentary quality, for example “The Eastsiders” (1997-2001), a fascinating work of romance, gangs and death. “Friday Night Party” shows 19 year old ‘Wicked’ with his friends just minutes before his murder by a member of a rival gang.

Greg paints a picture of Los Angeles as we have never seen it before – naked and uncensored.


A small selection of Greg's work....


Spa 6 hours & D.A.S. Drag Day #9...

Last weekend sure was a good one when it came to some good old 4 wheeled action. First it was time to check out some heavy racing at the Spa Francorchamps track in Belgium, where the Spa 6 hours were held....

Then it was on to Bitbrug in Germany for the 9th edition of the DAS Drag Day organized by Der Autobahn Scrapers VW club of Belgium...


A rainy visit to the green hell...

While enjoying one of the most terrible Dutch summers ever, a week or two ago we drove out to the Nurburgring (a.k.a. The Green Hell) in Germany... Without knowing that the annual old timer GP was going on, we were surpised to see tons of cool cars out there. It's always a pleasure to go to The Ring, because there's always nice machinery to see, but when the old timer GP is on, many rare automibles from all over Europe show up. We didn't even go onto the GP circuit, but only checked out the visitor's cars outside, and the "tourists action" on the Nordschleife.. Good times always. I didn't take many pics because of the pouring rain that didn't stop most of the day, but here's a very small selection.......

Check out the hard workin' blue collar guy with his hotrodded Ascona A. He's probably havin' as much fun with the old Opel as mister suit & tie guy on the right is having with his Lamborghini or Ferrari..

We spotted this tough lookin' Renault 5 Turbo on an almost empty, rained out camping. Normally you hardly ever see these cars around, this day we saw at least 4 or 5 of 'em..

How many 911's do you want.... There was a nice selection out there the day we went.


Duane Peters | U.S. Bombs | Germany | June 2011

Duane Peters gave away a killer performance with his band the U.S. Bombs at the Bottrop Kustom Kulture event in Germany last weekend.. He got 50 years old last weekend and is still going strong, on stage and on his sk8board!


Bottrop Kustom Kulture | Germany | June 2011

Yesterday and Friday we visited the Bottrop Kustom Kulture event in Germany.. Unfortunately the rain showed up after 3 months of dryness... It didn't stop most of the enthusiasts and a bunch of great cars & bikes showed up. I didn't take too many pics since there were too many people to talk too, and too little time. We met some old and new friends and before we knew it, it was time to drive back home again. Anyways, it was good to see all you guys again: Kutty Noteboom, Nicke Svensson, the Flake Kings, Outcast Rudy, Dean Micetich, Laurent Bagnard. Also, it was great to meet Jeremiah from Love Cycles and photographer Adam Wright. I bumped into him on stage while shooting Duane Peters & the U.S. Bombs. What a coincidence. He asked me to come by when I was in the Nor Cal area a couple times in the past, but I never made it so far. Now I met him here, an hour from home. A weird situation because at first we couldn't even talk to eachother because of Duane's noise, and he recognized me because I had a DutchmanPhotos sticker on my lens...

My favorite Love Cycles creation..

Jokers' Peter Long Hair...

Jeremiah from Love Cycles asking Adam Wright where the frickin' sun went......

Nick Svensson made the trip all the way from Stockholm, together with the Jokers. Nick lead the way on his UL sidehack, with Adam Wright as his co-pilot.

Julian | Rattle Dazzles | Germany

Sven | El Cheapo Kustom Works | Belgium


Remeber that industrial area in Germany we visited a while ago..?

Here's another view, shot with the Mamiya.. This whole, gigantic area can act as one big photo studio. Great place where you can hang out all day long.


Two shots from last weekend..


Germany | Ruhr Gebiet | April 2011

The other day we drove out to the German Ruhr Gebiet where we took some shots of an old, abandoned blast furnacing factory.

It has been in use from early 1900, till 1985. A very neat industrial area with tons of photo opportunities. More to follow soon..

Unfortunately this beautiful sunset was located on the wrong side of the tracks, and we couldn't really get to a proper location to get a nice skyline/sunset shot...

Shooting some film with the Mamiya..


IPhone shots from a couple days ago...