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Road trippin'

I took a ton of Iphone photos during our 2 month trip through France.. Here's one of those shots I kinda dig...


Some surf shots from Southern France..

Sorry, for the "far away" shots only.. It was impossible to get a good shot closer by..... And don't tell me the stand up paddler is gay, because he was ripping harder than most guys on a surf board out here...


So where has the Dutchman been..........???

Well, I spent two months in France together with my lady and been pretty busy over the three weeks since we're back.... That's why you haven't been seeing any updates on here... So here you go, I'll try to make you happy with a few belated pics from the 2012 Tour de France.. These were taken during one of the earlier stages, from Abbeville to Rouen..


First blog post of 2012...

It's about time... I've been busy with a whole bunch of other stuff, but here we go again. My girl is, as most of you know, big on cooking, doing pastries, and baking bread. She likes to take photos also, and a year or so ago I gave her my old trusty 20D and a macro lens to work with. She's getting pretty loose on it, and a little while ago she took these shots when she was producing some delicious fresh pasta... Looks good huh..? More of here work here..

This last photo was taken in Reims, France, during a very relaxing champagne tasting weekend last autumn... As a matter of fact, this is one of Moet & Chandon's famous vinyards...


Les Amis du Circuit de Geuex

Last weekend we drove by the old Reims track pit building. I took a bunch of pics but haven't really gotten to work on those, so you'll have to enjoy these I-phone shots for now.

Reims-Gueux was a triangular motor racing road course near Reims, France, which hosted 14 French Grand Prix.

It was first established in 1926 on the public roads between the small French villages of Thillois and Gueux. The circuit had two very long straights between the towns, and teams strove to maximize straight-line speed of their cars; many slipstream battles ensued. Race organizers actually felled trees and demolished old houses in order to make the circuit even quicker. In 1952, the circuit was significantly altered to bypass the village of Gueux, and many people now refer to the course as simply Reims.

Its first event was the Grand Prix de La Marne, staged by the Automobile Club of Champagne. International racing came soon thereafter, with the first official Formula 1 event occurring in 1950, the inaugural year of the Formula One world championship. The circuit was last used by Formula One in 1966, and it closed permanently in 1972 due to financial difficulties.

In 1997, there was to be a historic race held there, but for technical reasons, it was cancelled several months before it was due to take place and in 2002, the bulldozers arrived to demolish some portions of the track. Sections of the track around the pit lanes are still visible today.

Les Amis de Circuit de Geuex is a non-profit organisation working to preserve traces of the circuit.


Abandoned shunting yard | Epernay | France


19 days | 19 pictures

We spent our summer holidays in France last July. Here's a few shots. Some taken with my SLR, some with my I-phone.

Beautiful scenery while driving from the southwest to the southeast part of France..

On a beach near Mimizan..

Endless cool stuff at swapmeets along the Cote 'd Azur... I could've post another 20 pics with neat bits easily.

Hi Marco!!

Who wouldn't want a Riva...?


I wish my home country wouldn't tear down so many abandoned buildings...

West coast sunsets.. Good times.

Woods in Les Landes... Remember that smell....... So good.

Killer Aston spotted in Saint Tropez...

And last but not least, my beautiful girlfriend...


True Love opening | Saint Tropez | July 2011

Last month Marco & Sonia invited us for their opening party of the Battaglia True Love shop.. Marco does some updates here, if he has time for it that is.... Check 'em out if you're ever in the area!


Two more shots from France



Going to the markets in southern France with my chick is so good.. The food is simply amazing. I think I've never ate so many olives in a week as I did the last... Here's just a random snapper from one of the fresh fruit sellers...


One more from the golden French south coast..

Apart from a crazy crash, it was a lot of fun shooting with some of the Petroleurs guys.. Luckily Marco's bike only had a bent bar and footpeg... This could've ended up way worse, but luckily for us it ended up with some good laughs.. While taking riding shots, Marco locked up his rear brake going into a hairpin on a mountain road and flipped over the bars when he high sided, just before hitting the guardrail..!!


Marco Rivolta | The ruler of Saint Tropez

Nothing but good vibes... He's got a bunch of cool bikes too!



My girl | Endless days at the beach | Sun queen


France | Holidays

We just returned from a 9 day holiday in the South of France.. Good food, beautiful sunny weather, visiting friends, going to the beach, checking out some swapmeets, the good life.. Some more pics soon.


Self portrait...

Suffering from a wicked crash near Chamonix/Mont Blanc in the French Alps.. My Leatt neckbrace worked as advertised when I landed on my head after flying of my bike and doing a spread eagle combined with a nice flip into the dirt about 30 feet down the mountain.........


Weird beard...

A few more shots from France... We regularly visit Saint Tropez and this last time we met Marco Rivolta and his girlfriend Sonia, the owners of the Battaglia Fashion store in the center of town. We had a great time with them, drinking wine in front of the store, and eating tapas at the cantina. Marco also owns a couple very nice bikes, built by AQG Motociclette from Italy... A Buell powered hardtail streetracer, another hardtail, powered by a 93 inch S&S Shovel motor, and a Panhead powered softail to take the lady for a spin.. Check out marco at www.lespetroleurs.blogspot.com or at www.battagliafashion.blogspot.com

More pics later...



Back from France...

More pics online soon..