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Busy days - Random I-phone shots from this last week

Life's been quite busy lately, writing a lot of articles and editing tons of photos. On my last trip to the USA I've been shooting a lot of automotive stuff, since most of the motorcycle mags I usually work for had too many articles in stock... That's why you've seen a lot of the 911 stuff. I hope to be doing some motocross shoots soon, and there's also a few GP's coming up for me this summer which I have to cover. More auto stuff too, I'm pretty sure about that. Shooting cars is fun. With a little luck I'll be covering some choppers in France this spring & summer also. So, keep checking back. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but every now and then I'll try to post up some neat pics. Thanks for looking! -M.


Went to the Inspiration L.A. show last saturday | Good times


2 shots from 1 rad day | Oakland - San Francisco area | February 2009

Max Schaaf took us in the Port Costa direction to do a little photoshoot with his blue Shovel... Later that day we went to see how Sara rips up the streets of Redwood City on her little Triumph...


From the archives: Sara | Redwood City, CA. | 2009


Weird beard...

A few more shots from France... We regularly visit Saint Tropez and this last time we met Marco Rivolta and his girlfriend Sonia, the owners of the Battaglia Fashion store in the center of town. We had a great time with them, drinking wine in front of the store, and eating tapas at the cantina. Marco also owns a couple very nice bikes, built by AQG Motociclette from Italy... A Buell powered hardtail streetracer, another hardtail, powered by a 93 inch S&S Shovel motor, and a Panhead powered softail to take the lady for a spin.. Check out marco at www.lespetroleurs.blogspot.com or at www.battagliafashion.blogspot.com

More pics later...



We somehow ended up at a fashion show last night...

Fun times, and I happened to have my cameras in the back of the van... The 5D MkII is pretty amazing at high ISO's.. Some Photoshop in here of course too, and a little fill flash.