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Dimitris Araouzos..

- ripper.


Put some steez in that whip...

Dimitris Araouzos won the "best moto whip contest" during the Dutch Open BMX dirt championships last Sunday... I'm way too busy to be posting pics on here to be honest, but I had to post this one... Steez in that whip!


Dutch Olympic BMX Team

Did an assignement today with the Dutch Olympic BMX Team in cooperation with my friends of Meybo Bikes who deliver the frames for all the riders. Below you see Raymon van der Biezen getting stylish over one of the huge doubles of the Olmpic track which is build in Papendal, near the Dutch town of Arnhem... 1/800s. f/5,6. 300mm. ISO250. Very little Photoshop, no cropping of image.

And one random shot for now..... Look at how high these starting hills are in BMX Supercross...


Bottrop Kustom Show | Germany | June 2012

Good times as always.. Flake Kings & S-F-H living on fast food...

Lovely Panhead built by S-F-H...

Fids made it all the way from England... It's been over 10 years that I had seen this guy, and he's still going strong on the BMX. Nothing changed.... One of the funniest riders I ever met. Google S&M bikes and Fids, and you know it.......


Paul de Jong | Keeping Dutch BMX alive




Nico Vink | Road trippin' | 2010

This is a portrait shot of Nico Vink which I took with my Canon AT1 back in June of last year. Nico was suffering from a wicked crash he'd had during the World Cup in Austria. He'd been dizzy and had this terrible headache all the way back from Austria to The Netherlands.. One of the raddest downhill riders you'll have ever seen. No kidding, ask any World Cup rider, they'll mention this kid's name and tell they want to ride like him. One helluva ripper dude.


Joeri Faasen | 040 BMX Park | March 2010


Downside table on the 26 incher | Nico Vink during some winter training in '09


From the archives: Chris Moeller | S&M Bikes | Santa Ana, CA.


About 3 years ago I visited Chris Moeller, owner of the famous S&M Bike Company. The plan was to do a quick photoshoot of his Shovelhead chopper, for a magazine feature. Unfortunately it never got published. Chris gave me the grand tour through the factory too. It was really cool to see where my favorite BMX products are being produced.. I never used these shots for anything, and while going through my archives I came across 'em.  My visit ended with a short session of riding "the indoor office pool". Hope you enjoy these.... I think they came out pretty cool.




It's been almost 7 years since I shot some video...

Got back at it again with the 5D... Here's a quick little test edit which I made in Imovie..


The General's backyard track | Test vid from Dutchman-Photos.com on Vimeo.




A little bit of "Lightner" inspiration...