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Ken Roczen | MXGP Lierop | september 2010


25 questions with Jeffrey Herlings #111 | August 3rd, 2010

A couple weeks ago I did an interview for MXlife Magazine, with MX2 rider Jeffrey Herlings... Something different for the 15 year old kid then the ususal questions about what he's expecting for the next GP, and all that blah blah... Unfortunately he crashed the weekend after the interview, during the the 2nd moto of the Czech GP, and wrecked his shoulder. That crash cost him a possible 3rd place overall in the MX2 World Championship.... Hopefully he'll be stronger than ever when he comes back for the 2011 season.. For now, get well soon Jeffrey, and you all enjoy the interview.

The Dutch version can be found at Bavo's brand new MXlife Magazine @

1.: MXlife: Name, age, residence..?     

JH:  Jeffrey Herlings from Elsendorp in the Netherlands.. I’ll become 16 years old on the 12th of September. Build year was 1994, haha!!

2. MXlife: Other hobbies besides motocross..?

JH:  Riding my bike (bicycle) and running, which are part of my work actually too.. For the rest I enjoy riding pitbikes and every once in a while I’ll ride gokarts or do some jetskieing with friends, but that’s only very sporadic.

3. MXlife: Favorite motocross track..?

JH:  I really enjoyed Glen Helen this year.

4. MXlife: All time favourite motocross rider..?

JH: Ehm.. Stefan (Everts), Ricky Carmichael, Jean Michel Bayle

5. MXlife: Favorite motocross product of all time..?

JH: I don’t really have a favourite when it comes to that, because in the years I’ve been riding, nothing real new things were invented. I’m very impressed by the evolution of parts though.
It’s amazing how a bike can be made faster time and time again, and how things will work better for me, and that gives me a kind of a kick.

6. MXlife: Favorite moment of the day..?

JH: When I’m on the bike.

7. MXlife: Favorite food..?

JH: French fries, that’s how we roll here in the south of Holland!

8. MXlife: Whip or backflip..?

JH: I’ll go for a nice big whip… The flips are too dangerous for me.

9. MXlife: Carmichael or Stewart..?

JH: Stewart for his style on the bike, but in general I’d say Carmichael.

10. MXlife: Blonde or brunette..?

JH: Blonde! (Laughter)

11. MXlife: Punkrock or hip hop..?

JH: Hip hop.

12. MXlife: Last time you put a sticker on something..?

JH: On some girls ass last Sunday, haha!!

13. MXlife: Last good nickname someone gave you..?

JH: The bullet… I got it around the time of the Valkenswaard GP. MXlife: “But is it good..?”  JH: If I have my day, yeah... Otherwise the bullet will stay in its gun... But on a good day it definitely goes off and it’ll come out of the barrel.

14. MXlife: Last magazine you read..?

JH: Moto-X Magazine.

15. MXlife: Last time you crashed really hard..?

JH: My front flip at the GP in France

16. MXlife: Last time you threw up..?

JH: When I crossed the finish line in Mantova.

17. MXlife: What do you hate..?

JH: People who lie.

18. MXlife: What makes you happy and gets you in a good mood..?

JH: Some hot chick!! (Lots of laughter)

19. MXlife: Do you collect anything..?

JH: Eeehmm… Yeah, I used to collect tons of sunglasses and Red Bull hats, and stuff like that, but I’m pretty much over that now.. Nowadays, I just wear whatever I can get my hands on, and the rest is all laying around being dirty from all the mud.

20. MXlife: What do you always carry with you..?

JH: Cell phone.

21. MXlife: Which saying or word do you use to often..?

JH: F*ck!

22. MXlife: What would you like to change about yourself..?

JH: Eeehm, that’s a tough one… What would change about me..? MXlife: “I wouldn’t change a thing”JH: I think I have everything I should have, so no, nothing I think. I’m happy with how I am.

23. MXlife: Who or what inspires you at the moment..?

JH: Right now I’m being inspired by guys like James Stewart. I like his style and it’s amazing to see him ride. His bike skills are insane. I’m also being inspired by movies every now and then. Like when I  watch Rocky you know, you get this feeling that you really want to be the best and out rule everybody.

24. MXlife: In 10 years..?

JH: I hope to be in America, and by that time I will start to mellow out a bit you know.. I will start to take it a bit easier by then. I’m only 25 by that time, but when I’m able to ride at the top for 10 to 12 years, I think I’ll have done a pretty good job. MXlife: “And find a job in the motocross business by then”. JH: Yeah, something like that. Being a manager would be cool, or train guys like Leon (Giesbers) does now. MXlife: “One quick question in between.. "How did you like your America adventure to the Glen Helen GP..?” JH: My results were bad. Eeehm, the country… The people were a bit weird. Everywhere you come inside everybody was sooo excessively kind like, “Hiii..!! How are you..?!!” I wasn’t really into that… Maybe I'll have to get used to it.. Different culture. But the tracks were cool, and the riding was good, I just haven’t been very lucky there during the GP. In a couple years I could see myself living there yeah.

25. MXlife: Any last words..?

JH: Ehm, wide open, I’d say… Wide open from now on!



Brandon Fairclough throwin' in the good ol' whip | Austria | June 2010

Famous downhill mountainbike snapper Sven Martin tipped me about a little trick to use out there in the Austrian boonies. I was standing on a bridge above the track, about 100 meters away from where the riders came out of the woods, heading for the jump. Sven told me to hold the big 300mm white Canon lens in the air, when I would spot a rider coming out of the wood section. They will see the huge lens sticking into the air most of the time and thus know right away that they'll have to get a little airtime for the photographer... Well if Brandon "whip master" Fairclough comes hauling ass down the track, it's not really a problem to get an awesome shot.....


Rene Astengo's 1955 Nomad | Hollywood, CA. | June 2010


Pavehawk | Jolly Green 41st Rescue SQ | Kandahar Afghanistan | Heroes


From the archives: Rico a.k.a. Fatherfury | Pomona CA.


Scotty Stopnik | Cycle Zombies | Huntington Beach, CA.


From the archives: Max Schaaf | GO13 | Oakland, CA. | 2007

Edit: May 16th 2011... Something went wrong so I repost this. Edit 2: Max told me last February that he lost this plate on the freeway in the Oakland area. If you ever find it, return it to the 4Q headquarters!




From the archives: Chopper Dave | Hawaiian Gardens, CA. | Loud Fast Rules | 2007


We did a photoshoot with my buddy Bas his '65 Coronet yesterday..


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Gee Atherton | Leogang world cup | 2010


From the archives: Sara | Redwood City, CA. | 2009


Kandahar, Afghanistan | Trauma room

One of my favourite shots I took last year... Not because I like war or anything like that, but it's just that this photo has so much drama in it, and that I had never seen anything as impressive as the medics being at work in the worlds busiest combat hospital... This photo easily tells a thousand words...


Jelle Grade | Maxi Freeride | Belgium | July 2010


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